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waar biobased en kunst samengaan

Adopt an artist – English

LandArt Diessen adds an important element to this year’s manifestation. Participating companies can adopt an artist.

In LandArt Diessen a number of special artists will work on realizing works of art in the Turkaa forest on the banks of the Reusel. In carrying out the theme LandArt Diessen aims to connect art to sustainable businesses. Companies active in the production of sustainable materials provide these to the artists. In this manner sustainable businesses as well as artists help each other in realizing each other’s goals.

The artist produces a very special work of art and the company receives unprecedented exposure.

With this exceptional approach LandArt Diessen aimes at art to be catalyst to sustainability. Through art our business partners will reach the public in an inspiring manner.

What can be expected from LandArt Diessen:

  • LandArt Diessen will match companies and artists.
  • LandArt Diessen provides exceptional exposure through individual listings.
  • LandArt Diessen provides ample space for business presentations in the pavilion.
  • LandArt Diessen provides active promotion of the event in all of the region (last year there were 10.000 visitors, the goal for this year is 15.000 visitors).
  • LandArt Diessen will actively approach the media to pay extra attention to this program.

What does LandArt Diessen expect of the participating partner companies:

  • The company is active as a LandArt Diessen sponsoring partner.
  • The company provides material for the realization of the artwork.
  • The company provides training and assistance for the artist in the use of the material.

Would you like to participate in the ‘Adopt an Artist’ program?
Would you like to partner with LandArt Diessen in a different manner?

Please contact Lia Stravens:
Molenstraat 17a
5087BM Diessen

T 013-5041785
M 06-22552798

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